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National PV Forum

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Opening speeches
Czech RE Agency, Ing.Jaromír Řehák

European CommissionPV in the EU - reality and future

PV in the Czech Republic's RES mix - reality and future
PV in the EU
PV Polska, Prof. Stanislaw Pietruszko, EU EU PV Technology platform SCPV NMS NET project (IEE] and PV perspectives in 'New member states'

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Doriana Malinovska PV in Bulgaria

Slovak RE Agency, Kristina LanakovaPV in Slovakia
PV in EU
EEG, Jan Morávek, MBAPV in Germany

SOLART - SYSTEM Ltd., Palfy MiklósPV in Hungary

Peter Marchl - Solartec MEDPV in Italy
Legislation, NREAPs, FiTs
EPIA, Gaëtan MassonMain trends in structuring the FiT from a monitoring authority point of view

Ministry of Industry and TradeRES future in the Czech Republic

Ministry of Environment, Ing.Jan PavlíčekFuture legislation - End of life / PV waste disposal

Environmental Law Service, Pavel DouchaNREAP, 2010 legislation changes summary and their impacts, legislation forecast
PV future
Czech RE AgencyEnergy resources for the future

FroniusCompany presentation

Clever Energy, Martin SedlákRES - Clever Energy project

VOTUMCompany presentation

PV Exchange, Ing.Jaroslav DordaPV components price prediction and analysis

PV NMS NETInteligent Energy Europe
Supported by the Inteligent Energy Europe - project No. IEE-07-809

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